Hearty Options for your get together

Full casseroles serve 18—24 people, 1 gallon of chowder serves 10— 15 people, half pans of lasagna, ziti, and chicken & broccoli alfredo are available

Cloved & Glazed Hams and Roasts

Let Billingsgate do the cooking for your next holiday or event.  We have Boar’s Head Brand boneless smoked  hams, turkey breasts, and roast beefs. We clove, glaze and slice the hams. Billingsgate will also roast fresh turkey breasts and roast tenderloin of beef  and serve them with homemade gravies.  These items are market priced by the pound so please inquire with Craig for prices and availability. 

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Billingsgate offers full off-premise catering services.   Call us for details of our available  services.   Let us help you plan you next great social event.

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